Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Lavinia Stamps Challenge #1 Add some glitter

Hi Everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all.

Welcome to all my new followers and sorry I have not been around much but have not had a very good December.  Like a lot of people, I have been unwell for most of it!  Never mind, it is a new year so onwards and upwards.

A New Year and a New Month so welcome to the Lavinia Stamps Challenge and this month the challenge is Add Some Glitter.  Let's face it we all love a bit of glitter so this challenge should not be difficult!  The prize is a whopping £40 worth of Lavinia Stamps, just think of all the lovely stamps you could get for that. 

As an added bonus, we are now accepting E-MAIL ENTRIES so for everyone who wants to enter but does not have a blog to showcase their work, you can now enter and share your work with us for a chance of winning the fantastic prize.  So what are you waiting for?

Here is my sample for the Challenge:

It is hard to see the glitter I know but there really is some!  I hope you can see the glitter on the next two.


For my calendar I have used the fabulous Sea-Scapes which are fantastic ready made backgrounds of excellent quality just waiting for you to add the stamps.  For the first section I have used Water Mist and used the gorgeous stamp "Moon Fairy".  I painted the moon and the wings with Stargazers Nova White and a little Quasar blue for the wings.  I then added Glamour Dust to the wings and some Stickles to the stars of the background.
For the second scene I used Summer Haze and the stamps "Fairy Couple" and the words "Fairy dust is like love".
A long post today to make up for my absence so hope you like what I have made.
I hope you will all join in the Challenge - remember it is a fantastic prize.  Look forward to seeing what you have made.
Have a great 2014.  Kx