Friday, 29 March 2013


Hello Everyone and a very Happy Easter.  I hoep you are all enjoying the break.

Today I am showing a card which was made for a very special lady. 

As the lady concerned cannot see very well I have made the card with lots of different textures and also made it very bright.  What she cannot see her Daughter will talk her through.  the Happy Birthday words are secured with wires so they are moveable and with the poppies and bow adding more "touchy-feely" elements I hope it is just right.  I added black stickles to the centre of the poppy to give a raised and rough feeling to the picture.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter.  Kx


Wendy McCarthy said...

What a beautiful card Karen, you've put so much thought into it for the birthday lady, I'm sure she will really love it! Have a happy Easter! xxx

Eileen said...

Love this... great design. Ticks all the boxes for this lady.
E xx

Susan Hook said...

You have made some beautiful cards Karen,I enjoyed looking at your collection,I have a love of making embroidered and tatted cards you can find some of them on my blog.

Barbara said...

What a gorgeous card, Karen. And such a lovely thought to make lots of textures for the lady concerned. Congratulations to her on reaching 105, such an amazing age x